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2012 Computer Connections, Inc.

Our service technicians are here to serve you! We are not geeks but skilled technologists who know how to get you back up and running in no time. We repair and service computers in our shop or at your place.

We Repair and Service The Following:
Computers - Windows based and some Apple products
Servers - All sizes
Printers - most models
Networks - wired and wireless

Some of our typical repairs include:
Laptop Screen or Hinge Replacement
Laptop Battery or Keyboard Replacement
Virus detection and removal
Spyware detection and removal
Anti-virus installation - including Norton and Computer Associates products
RAM additions
Hard Drive replacements
Motherboard replacement and upgrades
Software installation

We have over 50 years experience in computer technology and have knowledge of most computer hardware and software. Our A+ certified technicians want you to have the confidence that we can get the job done.

Service Contracts are available!

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At Computer Connections, we are defined by

Computer Connections, Inc
1241-2 E. Dixon Blvd
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(704) 482-0057
You should speak to a technician prior to attempting a remote repair.  The technician can assist you in taking the necessary steps before attempting the repair. 

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You will need the service number you were given when you brought your machine in for repair.  If you have lost or misplaced this number feel free to contact us and we will look it up for you.