Worry free backup of your data, isnt that what you want? We can help you decide if you want to just backup your data or if you want to plan for disaster recovery in case of events like fire, flood, or theft.

We offer 2 ways to backup your data. File Based and full image backup. We can help you decide what type backup fits your budget and your requirements for safe backup as well as disaster recovery.

File Based means you only get your data backed up. Your applications and your operating system is not backed up using this method.

Image based means you get the entire image of your hard drive. This allows you to not only recover your data but your applications as well.

We offer 2 different flavors of backup - Local and cloud remote backup.

Local backup can be full image recovery or file based. This backup method is intended for the budget minded and is to be used for data backup and recovery only.

Cloud based remote backup is what we deploy for true disaster recovery. This takes your data and stores it away safely from your location.