Network Solutions

Computer Connections has been installing networks for over 20 years. At one time we were the main installer for Time Warner Cable, we have installed hundreds of in home and business networks.
Wired or Wireless solutions – Our network administrator can install the network in your home that will allow all your devices to work together.

In today’s environment, you can’t afford for you network to be vulnerable to hackers and miscreants. We use routers that have embedded firewalls for you and your family's protection. We also provide one of the best anti-virus protections on the market. Client base anti-virus is just not enough.

The broadband provider (ISP) you pick today is becoming more and more critical to the overall performance of your network. It used to be all you needed to worry about was your desk top and maybe a laptop or two on your network. The advent of the smart phone and ipad world changed all that. Now you may have 3 laptops, 5 phones and 3 tablets on your network!!  All this  puts a strain on your network every moment. Movie and song  downloads may push your network over the breaking point, not to speak of the viruses your family members may introduce to your network! All these things require you to be sure your network is in top form at all times. Computer Connections has the expertise and tools to keep your network running safely and optimally.

Give us a call to help you with your networking need or even just a in home evaluation!